Gluten Free Beer and Free Range F1 Cars


I don’t really like craft beer. It’s not that I have anything against it. There is no political, social or otherwise important reason for me to not like craft beer. I just don’t like the way it tastes. It’s too “earthy” for me. I’m scared I’ll take a sip and choke on some peat or barley or something, and then have to pick little bits of dust out of my teeth afterwards. (However, if one day I say I love a particular craft beer and its logo appears on my blog because they’re paying me, feel free to call me a hypocrite).

I’m the same with food, if it has a label that says “organic” or “gluten free” or “free range” I’ll consider buying it unless there is a cheaper non-“special food made from happy chickens that walk free and eat the best corn” or whatever, then I’ll pick that one. Whilst I have empathy for the chickens on chicken farms and their cramped up lives in horrible cages, I still need to eat and the sad truth of the matter is that if I have to pay R25 extra for a happy chicken, well, I’ll buy the cheaper one and apologise to it afterwards for the horrid way it was treated while it was alive.

Many people really don’t have the luxury of eating organic happy chickens with pesticide free broccoli. Petrol and electricity prices are through the roof. People are battling to get by so when I see the latest internet outrage about the horrible treatment of animals we eat I generally move on to something else less judgemental. Truth be told, the person on the street doesn’t know if there is any discernible difference between the free range chicken and the other one. The label on the lettuce might say it’s organic, but how do I know they’re not lying. It could just be the result of some clever branding. We’re told by an assortment of “experts” and marketing gurus that yes, the expensive free range lettuce is better for you so you should spend more money on it, because it really is better for you. Is it? I don’t know, to me it just looks and tastes like lettuce.

Don’t get me started on gluten free products. How did gluten become the enemy? People have been eating bread for thousands of years and gluten was never an issue then? My limited research on it tells me that only people with a certain disease have to worry about gluten. All the other people with so called allergies can rest easy. Proper doctors say that. Yes people will buy gluten free bread, beer, pizza at twice the price of normal bread, beer or pizza because they’ve believed the lies and it makes them feel special to say, “hey look, I’ve got something wrong with me so I have to eat this more expensive pizza over here”. If you’re reacting to anything in bread I’d first take a look at the preservatives they’ve put in it, or the colouring or the sugar? Not the grains or wheat. Wheat is good for you, isn’t it?

Why would you want something to be wrong with you anyway? I never want anything to be wrong with me and even if I think there is something wrong with me I’d rather ignore it until I’m absolutely sure and then go see a doctor.

This brings me to the point of this little diatribe.

Formula 1 is supposed to be about the best drivers racing against each other in the fastest cars. Sure everything around F1 makes it more slightly more interesting and saleable, the girls, the technology, the money, the tyres, the pits stops and all that, but what gets people watching is the racing. People love the rivalries and the speed, the combination of man and machine at the limit competing with nineteen other drivers all doing the same. Somehow some clever people in their marketing department seem to have missed that. I love hearing about the hybrid engines and all the gadgetry that goes into them, but not as much as I love hearing a screaming V8 revving to twenty thousand rpm.

So like the organic and free range things we see every day, we may be told that the new F1 is better for us, that the more expensive smaller hybrid engines and stupid tyres that don’t last will benefit normal cars but to me that is just marketing rubbish. The cars are the same as the old ones, just slower and more expensive.

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