A McLaren… McLaren??


If you want something done properly, then do it yourself! I’ve heard and said this many times. It is an unfortunate fact of life that one’s vision and philosophy may not resonate with those to whom you assign the task of executing it.

Take a rugby team, the Hurricanes from Wellington. For years they have been famous for their enterprising attacking play, but lacked the necessary “mongrel” up front to compete with the Crusaders, although not for lack of trying. They just didn’t have the necessary player resources. They tried a few different coaches but in the end it was the home grown coaching team of Chris Boyd and ex Sharks coach John Plumtree who solidified them into an all-round team. They kept the dynamism they’ve always had, but eradicated their old weaknesses, turning them into strengths and the results have been quite spectacular. The Hurricanes are miles ahead of the next best team in this year’s competition. Not that long ago they were languishing in mid-table mediocrity and all it took to get them out of there was a bit of home grown determination and vision.

McLaren partnered with Honda in 2015. Honda make the engines, McLaren make the rest of the car. By all accounts, the parts that McLaren have made are working, the engine made by Honda just isn’t.

We’re just about half way through the 2015 season and they’ve yet to score a point, or show any sort of real speed to be honest. Unless Honda really come to the party in a big way in the latter half of the year I expect there to be some rather unsavoury words spoken, not least by Fernando Alonso who’s pegged his last shot on a third world title on the McLaren Honda partnership.

What I don’t understand is this. Why can’t McLaren make its own engine? Why do they need Honda anyway? They’ve built the F1, P1, and the MP-4C after all, each a technological wonder in its own right. They can build amazing engines!

That’s right, why can’t McLaren build a McLaren… McLaren? Why not take your destiny in your own hands and sock it to Mercedes and Ferrari properly! It couldn’t be any worse than the current Honda engine they’re using or the Renault that Red Bull Racing has to contend with.

Come on McLaren, get your Chris Boyds and John Plumtrees into the factory and build your own engine! Show them what you’re made of!

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