If Rugby Teams were Cars


The New Zealand All Blacks

BMW M division – Powerful, fast and reliable.  Sheer pleasure to watch and generates envy wherever they go. Also, they are unpredictable because they never indicate what they are going to do next…

The South African Springboks

Toyota Land Cruiser – Big and powerful, but as subtle as a concrete block. At its best when conditions are tough and the odds are stacked against it.

The Australian Wallabies

Mini Cooper S – Not as big or powerful as its competitors but quick and nimble, plays to its strengths and uses smarts to overcome more powerful adversaries.


Land Rover Defender – Strong engine, steeped in tradition and very capable. However can be slow to accept change. Constantly overtaken by everyone else.


Alfa Romeo – Can be sublime but prone to baffling periods strewn with breakdowns and technical issues.


Lancia – One good model every 7 to 10 years, but always peaks when it doesn’t matter.


Suzuki – Always eager and willing but simply lack the firepower to compete regularly


Bentley GT Continental – Sporty looking and heavy but at the end of the day it’s a VW underneath


Jeep Wrangler – Rugged, plenty pulling power but battles with handling at speed on the highway.

The Pacific Island Nations, Manu Samoa, Fiji and Tonga

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 – Big, powerful and fast, but lack the finesse of their better funded opponents. On their day they can compete with the best, but when something goes awry they don’t quite have the same depth of resources to keep their level consistent.



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