If Formula 1 Teams were Rugby Teams


Mercedes – The New Zealand All Blacks – They’re just too good, too fast and too strong. Everyone else is playing catch up. They might occasionally be challenged when the conditions are absolutely ideal for their opponents but will ultimately prevail.

Ferrari – England – They’re good, steeped in history and the architects of the game we know today. In recent years, however, they’ve fallen behind as the other teams have evolved beyond their ability. They are slowly pulling back some ground with some new personnel but still have some way to go.

Red Bull – Australia – They’re smart, very smart, and quick but generally not as powerful as their foes in the engine department. They play to their strengths and do their best to play away from their weaker areas, regularly upsetting more fancied opposition.

Williams – France – They can be blisteringly fast when everything is working for them, but when it isn’t they can fall apart and end up bringing up the rear.

McLaren – South African Springboks – They have the tools to compete with the best, but can fall short because of technical deficiencies in key areas. In 2015 so far it is an inconsistent power unit; in 2014 it was the handling at the back where they fell short. They’re always expected to do well and when they don’t their supporters get very upset.

Toro Rosso – Manu Samoa, Tonga and Fiji – On their day they can take on anyone but it only takes a few small hiccups to set them back as they don’t have the depth or funding of the other teams. They have launched many a young player’s career but ultimately battle to keep them when the big teams come calling.

Lotus – Ireland – They go through periods of dominance, usually driven by a star player and the right mix of players built around him. They can beat the best, but also have a habit of falling short on the world cup stage.

Force India – Wales – They always look the part but for some reason can’t quite keep pace with their opponents when it comes down to the wire.

Sauber – Scotland – They’re ever present but generally uncompetitive against the bigger teams. They’ve been known to cause a few upsets in the rain however, and have a solid and proud history of being a team that play with heart and a never say die attitude.


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