Stop! you’re under duress… I mean arrest!


The Quirk

If you get a chance, read Blind Faith by Ben Elton. It gives you a glimpse into a world where social media has invaded everything, privacy is considered illegal and the anti-vaccination lobby has won their fight against logic and reason. Books are considered contraband and public trials and executions are commonplace for anyone who dares defy the new-age but somewhat fascist regime lead by “clergymen”.

What did it take for this to happen? A natural disaster struck London and many people died, fictionally…

I read the book in 2008 although it had been written quite a bit earlier, and sadly, many of the things that Ben Elton satirised in the book are starting to emerge in reality. The most prevalent is public execution by social media.

Now, social media, in my mind, is meant to be an easy means of communication and innovative way to engage like-minded individuals on…

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